Video tutorials and user guides to get you started and keep you going with CiviX publishing tools.

CiviX Suite = Author + Publisher + Server

  1. CiviX Suite Introduction (Video no sound)


  1. CiviX Publisher Beta Upgrade (Video no sound)
  2. CiviX Publisher Replace File (Video no sound)

Author Cheat Sheet and Glossary

  1. Cheat Sheet (PDF) 27-Aug-2020
  2. Glossary of Terms (PDF)
  3. Glossary Visual (PNG)

 Author User Guides

  1. User Guide CiviX Author for Bylaws (PDF) 16-Feb-2022

Author Install, Update, Layout

  1. Installation Overview, Sep-15-2020 (PDF)
  2. Install New Add-on, June 2018 (PDF)
  3. Check for Add-on Updates (PDF)
  4. UI Layout (Video no sound)
  5. UI Change Edit Mode Default (Video)
  6. UI Change Edit Mode Default (PDF)
  7. UI Add Symbol Tool (Video)

Author Getting Started

  1. Create New Bylaw (Video)
  2. Create Amendment Bylaw, 2019 (Video no sound)

Author Move and Renumber Tools

  1. Move Left Move Right 2018 (Video no sound)
  2. Move Up Move Down Actions 2020 (Video no sound)
  3. Part or Division - Surround, Move Into and Out-of (Video)
  4. Renumber Document (Video)
  5. Renumber Section (Video)

Author Drafting and Editing Tools

  1. Add Comments (Video)
  2. Consequential Amendments (Video)
  3. Copy and paste in XML (Video)
  4. Definitions with Multiple Terms (Video)
  5. Explanatory Notes (Video)
  6. Enter Key (Video no sound)
  7. Sandwich Functions (Video)
  8. Historical Notes (Video no sound)
  9. Schedules and Forms (Video no sound)

Converting Bylaws into XML

  1. Smart copy and paste from HTML Word PDF (Video no sound)
  2. Copy and paste as a text block (Video)
  3. How to create a text block in a section (Video)

Author Custom Functions for Bylaws

  1. Definition Global (Video)
  2. Definition Global, Previous and Local (Video)
  3. Definitions Sort (Video)
  4. Go To Term (Video)
  5. Go To Term Back Button (Video)
  6. Insert Definition References (Video no sound)
  7. Auto Text (Video)
  8. Cross Reference Insert (Updated Video)
  9. Cross Reference Activate Single (Video no sound)
  10. Cross Reference Activate All (Video no sound)
  11. Cross Reference Update (Video no sound)
  12. External Hyperlinks (Video no sound)
  13. External Links with Anchors (Video)
  14. Import Legisation (Video)

Author Image Functions

  1. Image Basics (Video)
  2. Resize Image Width in Table

Author Word Export Functions

  1. Export Draft Watermark (Video)
  2. Export to Word with TOC (Video-no sound)

Author HTML Publishing Options

  1. Toggle Table Fixed Width Off or On (Video no sound)

Author Table Functions

  1. Create Table Overview, 2018 (Video no sound)
  2. Add paragraph spacing in table cell (Video no sound)
  3. Tables Move Up Move Down (Video no sound)
  4. Table Row Numbering (Video no sound)
  5. Save Table as Template (Video no sound)
  6. Sort Table Rows A-Z (Video no sound)
  7. Flow Across Columns A-Z (Video no sound)
  8. Distribute Table Columns (Video no sound)

Author Table Examples

  1. Custom Table 1 - Estimate + Actual (Video no sound)
  2. Custom Table 2 - Five Year Financial Plan (Video no sound)